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How Arctic Ice Has Changed In The Past And What It Means For The Future

While the reason it is happening isn’t clear to many people, the climate is getting warmer. During the past few years, the temperatures have been warmer they have ever been since they’ve begun recording them began in 1880. As a result, the Arctic ice is now melting or...

How The Ozone Layer Is Related To Global Warming

Image via flickr The ozone layer might be one of the more important elements in combating globalwarming and climate change. How are the two related, though? Take a look at ourguide to learn more about the topic and what the world has done to limit thedepletion of the...

Extreme Changes in The Bering Sea: What it Means for the Planet

Image source: February 2018 saw the greatest change in ice levels covering the Bering Sea since first recorded in 1850. Following a stormy winter, temperature influx, and weather patterns consistent with climate change, the Bering Sea measured at only 10...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Climatology

A Beginner’s Guide to Climatology

Climatology is one of the most important branches of science - after all, we're in a lot of trouble if we don't have a climate suitable for human life! In this guide, you'll learn what Climatology is, why it matters to us, and the role it will play in the future of...

Understanding Carbon Sink and Climate Change

Understanding Carbon Sink and Climate Change

Do you know how issues like deforestation and changing weather affects climate change? Keep reading to learn more about carbon sink, the biggest threats to natural carbon traps, and how scientists plan to help natural systems by trapping carbon artificially. Carbon...

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