5 Causes Of Climate Change ( And What You Can Do To Make A Difference)

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As humans observe rising sea levels, sweltering temperatures, and visible changes for wildlife populations, it is evident that the hotly debated existence of global warming, or climate change is indeed impacting our world.

Some of the changes caused by climate change may not be quick to dissipate either. 

When it comes to an understanding of the causes of climate changes, some significant elements are triggering catastrophic events. If humans are unwilling to change behaviors that are leading causes of climate change, then the result may be irreversible and beyond repair.


Due to climate change, the planet is currently experiencing some of the following problems.

  • ​Extreme weather contributes to intense flooding, intense heat waves, and melting glaciers
  • ​Many forests have been lost to insects, disease, and drought
  • ​Groundwater supplies and the food supply are subject to increasing strain

​ According to sources like National Geographic, the levels of greenhouse gasses within our atmosphere have increased to the highest level ever in the past 650,000 years. The world is heating up very quickly, which is destabilizing wildlife communities, lending itself to severe weather patterns, and causing die-offs.

​Thankfully, some concerned scientists have developed methods of measuring the intensity of climate change and its impact on the air, land, water, and food supply. And there still may be time for all of us to step up and do what we can to make a difference.


How Climate Change Is Measured

To measure climate change, scientists and researchers primarily look at rising temperatures and the sea levels.

As the polar ice caps steadily decline and melt, and glaciers give way to the oceans, scientists estimate and observe the resulting impact. 

In addition to observing and calculating changing temperatures, climate change is also evaluated for varying gas emissions ranging from carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other greenhouse gasses.

Looking at extreme weather conditions, which have all too soon become the new normal, are another sign of climate change making a long-lasting effect on the planet. Greenhouse gas emissions and extreme weather work in tandem to disrupt natural cycles for wildlife, agriculture, and destabilize societies.

How Long Has Climate Change Been In Effect

causes of climate change: polar ice caps

As early as the 1930s, scientists have noted an upward trend in global warming. Toward the end of the 1930s, it was suggested that carbon dioxide emissions were to blame for a rise in temperatures

During the 1950s, more credible calculations for carbon dioxide's impact on melting glaciers, impeding with radiation absorption, and warming global temperatures continued. 

Although some scientific studies showed that the earth experienced a gradual rise in temperature in relation to CO2 emissions, the level was not presently catastrophic. 

After enough decades have passed, as the world has gone beyond the year 2000, humans are reaching a devastating point of no return. Gasses such as methane, carbon dioxide, and ozone contribute to extreme changes in weather patterns and are unable to be absorbed by the world's oceans. 

Conditions such as droughts contribute to intense wildfires, destabilized food supplies and scarcity, and trigger energy crises.


Top 5 Causes Of Climate Change

causes of climate change: photo of storm surge

​Of all of the different causes of climate change, some are more noticeable than others. Reducing demand for processes that have a negative impact on the climate and environment is paramount. It is also essential that humans seek out working alternative solutions to limit the severity of climate change, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


​Burning Of Fossil Fuels

​Agriculture And Animal Protein Consumption

​Industry Manufacturing And Processing


​Methods Of Transportation (Planes, Cars, Boats)

A Possible Future Without Implementing Changes

causes of climate change: close up photo of a dried up soil

If humans are unable to put a stop to the causes of climate change, the world as we know it may cease to be inhabitable

Unless people can migrate to the stars and live on the moon or Mars, it is essential that human beings hold themselves accountable for their contribution to climate change. 

If global temperatures continue to rise, forests die-off, the ocean continues to warm and kill coral reefs, and extreme weather conditions persist, humans and wildlife may cease to exist. 

When hot weather refuses to let-up, humans may put an additional strain on the power grid for energy. Droughts may impact crop yields, and extreme heat can exacerbate pollen, allergens, and contribute to poor air quality. In the worst case scenario, humans may bear witness to a mass extinction of all life on earth, and complete disintegration of society.


Lessen Your Carbon Footprint

causes of climate change: photo of a factory producing heavy smog

Taking responsibility into your own hands is a must to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your contribution to climate change. 

Reduce your demand on the energy grid for natural resources by installing energy-efficient items within your home. Unplug any electronic devices when they are not currently being used. 

Add insulation to optimize your heating or cooling, and make sure to routinely inspect and maintain anything that needs repair to stop leaks.

causes of climate change: waste of water

Minimize your waste of water and food by planning ahead. Install energy-efficient toilets, low-flow shower heads, and fix any leaks. 

Plan out meals and reduce your dependency on take-out meals or groceries that utilize an excess of packaging. Compost your food waste, and recycle materials whenever possible. 

Try to avoid purchasing new products and buy secondhand when you are able. Put an end to lengthy commutes via a personal vehicle and choose public transit or carpool. Make it a priority to support local businesses when shopping, and embrace minimalism.

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